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How To Choose The Right Renovation Contractor

5 things to look for and the reasons why they're important.

1. Is he reliable?

Does he answer his pick up or return phone calls & emails in a timely manner?

- During a renovation, you might have questions for your contractor and you want to be sure you can reach him without having to wait days for a response.

2. What's the scope of his work?

Does he do tiny jobs (cabinetry) or frame 6,000 sq/ft homes?

- You're looking for someone that does both. Smaller projects require intense attention to detail, while larger projects need management and visionary skills.

3. How many other jobs does he currently have?

It isn't so much a question of number, but rather, can he handle several jobs?

- The truth is, if you're getting a quality contractor, he will likely be running several jobs at once. Be sure to ask him if he is used to this and comfortable doing so. You want to make sure your job doesn't slip through the cracks.

4. Does he value your opinion?

While he may be the professional, he is still working for YOU.

- Look for someone that offers his opinion but doesn't completely shut down yours. Being that it is his field, he most likely has a reason for his idea, however, you don't want someone that patronizes you.

5. Has he done this before?

No two jobs are the same, but has he done something similar?

- Look for someone who has done something similar to what you have done. If he hasn't, look at some of his previous work. If it's quality, you're likely in capable hands. However, if he gets squirmish, run away. FAST. and don't look back.

Hope you enjoyed these tips! See more like this at

- Jacob

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