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6 Stunning Bathroom Styles for 2019

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Whether you're getting ready to go to work or spending time in the bath with a glass of cabernet, we all enjoy a nice bathroom!

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1. Eastern Influenced

The white walls mixed with wood gives an apparent Asian influence.

2. Crisp and Cool

Dark features and slate shower walls gives this copper toned bathroom a sweet finish.

3. Manhattan Hotel

All that's missing are a few pre-folded towels and some chocolate covered strawberries.

4. Family Living

Tons of light and the tub makes this perfect for the young family helping to bath their kid!

5. Utah's Experience

Can't you picture a snowy mountain looking out that window??

6. The Kid's Room

Not too much going on...which means less they can get dirty!!!

Hope you enjoyed these & remember that IBD Construction is able to help with all of your home repair/renovation needs!

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