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8 Popular Kitchen Styles in 2019

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Each and every human is unique, so their kitchen should be too!

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1. Rustic New England

With a beautiful mix of wooden cabinets and a white tile backsplash, all that's missing is a lobster on the stove and some fresh oysters ready to be served.

2. The "Food Channel" Kitchen

While this may not be Rachel Ray's, you can definitely film an episode of your favorite shows here!

3. 1950's Family Kitchen

All that's missing would be some pastel green cabinet doors...

The high raised table with seats makes kitchen is perfect for families, allowing mom to cook while the kids finish their work!

4. Modern Minimalist

The lack of cabinet handles and color blocked floor and chairs makes this perfect for anyone who likes to keep things simple.

5. Eastern Influenced

Bamboo wood and stone like fixtures makes for a modern Eastern look.

6. The Hamptonite

Much of the famous Hampton's have an older style, but with the marble counter, you can tell it cost a pretty penny.

7. Modern Bachelor

This bold and contrasting look is perfect for the man living on his own.

8. Southern Comfort

With tile countertops and floors, you'll definitely stay cool in the southern heat.

Hope you enjoyed these & remember that IBD Construction is able to help with all of your home repair/renovation needs!

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